2 January 2018

Trends in kitchens for 2018

Trends in modern kitchen design have undergone a complete U-turn. Before kitchens were simple places for cooking in. Now they are one of the home’s main hubs, used not just for cooking in but also for spending much of our leisure time, with members of the family, friends or alone.

Each year, there are new trends in products and design. However, when you choose a product, it is always important to consider how functional and ergonomic it is and how long-lasting its finish might be.

1. Open-plan spaces.

More and more homes feature open-plan kitchens, uniting the lounge, dining room and kitchen so that the kitchen is really yet another part of the home’s living area.

Cocinas abiertas
2. Open shelving.

There is a growing tendency toward open spaces, where everything is visible. This also extends to the kitchen, which is why the units tend to feature more and more open shelving, where the jars, spices, glasses and plates can all be seen.  This means that they become part of the décor, reminiscent of prominent markets and bars in some of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities.

Estantes cocina vista
3. Decorative tiles.

Kitchen design no longer just revolves around the kitchen furniture and electrical appliances. Increasing importance is being lent to the wall coverings in kitchens as part of the décor, and so decorative tiles will play a starring role in kitchens in 2018.

Azulejos decorativos

4. Latest-generation countertops.

This coming year, you will see lots of new technical and decorative innovations in countertops. In 2018, people will seek new top-quality cutting-edge work surfaces, such as ones with self-cleaning or anti-bacterial properties or ones developed with state-of-the-art technology.

Encimeras cocinas

5. Dark neutral colours.

With the passing of the years, more and more colours have been brought to the kitchen, replacing the former tendency to use just white, grey and brown. This coming year, there will be a trend toward much darker neutral colours, like dark grey or black or a combination of black and white. Priority will be given to achieving an overall elegant refined appearance, combined with a certain simplicity and natural appeal.

Cocinas Premium

6. Ceiling lights.

Nothing must be left to chance in kitchen design, especially the lighting, given its fundamental role. For modern kitchens with personality, ceiling lights are the best choice, although it is also important to choose lighting that fits in with your style of kitchen.

Lámparas colgantes de cocina

7. Multi-purpose kitchens.

There is a growing shift toward multi-functional kitchens, where you can eat, work or chill out. As a result, kitchens tend to be designed as communal spaces, with the emphasis on flexibility. Increasingly, they feature multi-purpose tables that can be used for eating, social get-togethers or even for working.

Cocinas integradas

At the same time, kitchens can also feature an island, perfect for interacting with other people as you cook.

8. Storage.

In 2018, intelligent storage solutions that take advantage of all the available space will play an important role, making kitchens far more efficient. Cupboards will have deep drawers where all the objects are still easily accessible.


As you can see, you can look forward to all kinds of new technical and decorative ideas in 2018. Gamadecor kitchens incorporate each and every one of these trends, with a superior design conceived to help create the perfect modern kitchen for each and every home. 

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