22 February 2018

Concealed kitchens

Trends in home design are increasingly moving towards open spaces based on a multi-functional concept. As part of the Porcelanosa Group, here at Gamadecor we know exactly what that means: kitchens with concealed door systems. These types of kitchens are the ideal solution for both compact spaces and much larger areas thanks to the way they integrate perfectly into any setting: when the kitchens are closed off they are completely unnoticeable, blending in with the furnishings.    

Attractive and functional kitchens

Choosing a kitchen featuring a concealed system is the best way to achieve the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, enabling us to tailor the space to suit our tastes. When the kitchen is concealed, the space takes on a single function – that of dining or sitting room. However, when the doors are opened it becomes a large,eye-catching kitchen that blends in perfectly with the setting, ideal for leisurely preparing a delicious meal.

Kitchens that blend in perfectly

These types of kitchens are great space savers as they allow for the kitchen to be integrated into the sitting or dining room, making them absolute musts when it comes to decorating loft-style homes, work places or simply because we like concealing the kitchen and creating versatile spaces. They can transform a work area into a completely different and elegant space, free from unsightly electrical appliances.

Far more spacious rooms

Kitchens with concealed doors guarantee additional functionality and a sense of spaciousness. Indeed, they are the best solution for smaller homes where every square metre counts.  Furthermore, in open spaces such as loft-style homes, this system closes off the kitchen when it is not in use, just like a cupboard.

Kitchens that reveal only what we want them to.

Kitchens are basically the workhorses of our homes, which means that they are not always the neatest room in the house. They are filled with work utensils and are not particularly renowned for their design. As a result, this type of kitchen is the ideal choice as it can be concealed or brought out on display in keeping with our needs. 

In short, these kitchens are just the thing for small or large spaces and the best possible choice thanks not just to their functionality, but also their design. Gamadecor offers a wide range of options, guaranteeing the perfect design for every home. 

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