8 March 2018

CORE & TUCK. Innovative bathroom units, brimming with personality.

Initially GAMADECOR only specialized in bathroom furniture. That is why we pay such attention to detail when creating bathroom furniture. Our products unite simplicity with a high-tech design, conspicuous for their personality and distinctive style, like the TUCK and CORE bathroom units.

The Core bathroom unit

Core is a wall-hung unit, perfect for small bathrooms in need of extra storage space, thanks to its two drawers and structure designed to guarantee versatile functionality.

Despite its minimalist design, Core has certain special features that set it apart, like its vertical drawer pulls, made of water-resistant aluminium that imitates the laminate panels. The unit features seamless laser-banded edging to guarantee a high resistance and eye-catching aesthetics. Core’s accompanying mirror stands out for its original design, reminiscent of a painting, framed by the same material as the bathroom unit. At the bottom, it features a space that acts as an integrated shelf. 

The Tuck bathroom unit

The Tuck bathroom series is made up of a single-fronted washbasin unit with two drawers, one concealed inside it.  The front panel has been rebated to create an integrated vertical draw pull with no visible joints. The unit’s postformed design makes it hard to imitate. 

Rounding it all off is a mirror in a matching finish, very similar to Core’s one.

Tuck and Core: two perfect solutions for bathrooms where a stylish yet simple look is required, with all the functionality that units like these guarantee.

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