31 July 2018

Gamadecor and L’Antic Colonial, kitchens made from natural materials.

Kitchens featuring natural materials have reached new heights of perfection, creating fabulous spaces for the home thanks to the joint efforts of two companies, Gamadecor and L’Antic Colonial, both part of the Porcelanosa Group. Here at Gamadecor we are experts in the kitchen design and production, whilst  L’Antic Colonial are specialists in selecting and using natural materials for building. 

Natural materials can be incorporated into kitchens in a wide range of ways, such as the use of natural stone for countertops in shades ranging from pure white (Persian White) to far darker shades (Habana Dark). These stone options or even natural woods can also be used for blacksplashes, creating one-of-a-kind settings that lend a sense of harmony to the entire room. 

Flooring is another way of incorporating natural materials into kitchens, using stone, natural wood, laminate flooring or LinkFloor.   A case in point is our Emotions 7.90 Roble Negro, E.3.90 Gris Trama Gost kitchen, which features Downtown Clear parquet flooring laid in a herringbone pattern.

Another example of natural flooring can be seen in our Projects 1.60 Blanco Núbol, Bisón, Roble Pardo kitchen, this time Linkfloor Empire Cream, which is resistant to water and damp, making it the perfect choice for kitchen areas. 

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