18 October 2018

XY Air: Minimalist apartments in London’s city centre

Increasingly people tend to seek homes that fit in with their lifestyles. This is the case of XY Air, a series of minimalist apartments conceived to meet all the family’s possible needs.

The 138 stylish sustainable apartments, aptly named after XY coordinates on which they stand between King’s Cross and Camden stations, are strategically situated close to two of London’s most vibrant areas.

The apartments are a superb example of design-led bold elegance, with smart modern living spaces that stand out for their striking design and top-quality accessories and materials. It is here that our white Residence 1.60 kitchens come into play, adding a special touch to these minimalist apartments without relinquishing the need for functionality. In this kitchen design project, the electrical appliances are all fully integrated and, as a special feature, all the kitchen units have recessed aluminium door pulls since the kitchen also contains the dining area. Mention must also be made of the lighting in the kitchen units, designed to ensure a warm cosy feel while also making it much easier to cook.

In short, care has been taken to ensure cutting-edge minimalist apartments in efficient eco-friendly buildings, set in regenerated public spaces with all the necessary facilities for today’s modern sustainable lifestyle.

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