30 November 2018

Our Wabi kitchen

Our Wabi E9.30 Xlight Savage Dark Nature kitchen in an E7 Roble Cuero finish is a clear exponent of Wabi-sabi, a Japanese aesthetic concept based on “the beauty of imperfection”. It is a philosophy strongly present in Japanese society in the form of natural-looking aspects of everyday objects or certain architectural features. 

Our top-quality Wabi Emotions 9.30 kitchen, with X-light Savage Dark Nature on the unit fronts and countertop, stands on a base in a Cien Sable finish. It is also fixed to the wall, hence that slight sense of imperfection synonymous with Wabi-sabi due to its slightly flawed symmetry. Attention must also be drawn to the accessories in the area where the backsplash can be found, which also come in a Cien Sable finish like the base. In contrast, the storage area comes in a Roble Cuero finish, adding a subtle natural touch and contrast with the X-light which predominates in the rest of the kitchen.

To sum up, Wabi-Sabi and our Wabi kitchen both evoke the beauty of the imperfect, the incomplete and the impermanent, the beauty of humble modest things and the unconventional. Its underlying philosophy urges us to enjoy the present and to seek peace and harmony in nature and in minor things. 

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