13 December 2018

Gamadecor: A Name Synonymous with Quality Kitchens

At Gamadecor, as well as giving priority to the design appeal and functionality of all our products, we also strive to produce kitchens that stand out for their quality. This is where our Quality Control Department comes to the fore, conducting different tests so as to guarantee products second to none.

Our Emotions® kitchens are a good example. This is a series that anticipates new trends, with kitchen units that are higher and deeper and lower skirtings so as to ensure far more storage capacity and a stronger more stylish presence. Emotions® kitchens also feature the most advanced finishes, cabinet hardware and materials on the market, guaranteeing high-quality kitchen furniture conspicuous for its exclusive distinction. The units have 19mm-thick impervious laminate carcasses, thanks to their almost invisible impermeable polypropylene laser-banded edges (something that is fundamental in kitchens).

In addition to all the above properties, our kitchens undergo a variety of different quality-control tests, including physical, mechanical and surface tests:

– Physical tests: These are tests conducted on the raw materials or components of each unit so as to determine their resistance to possible environmental conditions, such as sunlight, artificial light and moisture. Examples of the things that we test include the material’s colour fastness when exposed to light, the cabinet hardware’s resistance to corrosion, imperviousness, the bond of the edge banding and ball impact tests. In all cases, positive results were achieved.

– Mechanical tests: These tests focus on checking whether the cabinet hardware and units are compatible and can withstand typical uses in kitchens. They test for such things as the resistance of the drawers when full, the loads that the fronts of wall-hung units can withstand, the resistance of overloaded drawers with weight applied to the sides and guide rails, vertical opening tests, and soft-close door and drawer tests. Following the tests, no deterioration or reduction in performance was found.

-Lastly, there are surface tests: These tests serve to check whether the work areas and, generally, all the different parts of each unit can withstand the typical stains and external aggression to which they are typically prone. They include tests of resistance to food remains, cleaning products, the heat from ovens, water vapour and abrasion, and the strength of the glue. Following the tests, no change to the tested component was observed.

In conclusion, thanks to the materials used by Gamadecor, the results of the conducted tests demonstrate that these are top-quality functional kitchens, with contemporary designs able to bring an exclusive appeal to kitchens.

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