GD emotions. New web app

GD emotions is a Gamadecor web app that enables you to select and then mix and match the finishes available in our new kitchen furniture collection.

Simply select the material type and surface appearance to receive details of the suitable finishes. You can also combine up to 4 different types of materials simply by selecting a series of finishes for emotions kitchen furniture.

Click on the icon to run the web or obtain the App for iOS devices.

GD Finishes


Choose the finishes for your new kitchen

Gamadecor presents its new finishes selector for emotions kitchen furniture.

The app allows you to personalise the finishes for each area of the kitchen as well as the elements included in the layout proposals. You can also preview your future emotions kitchen, enlarge the image and obtain a list of your chosen finishes, etc.

Click on this link to run the web app:

Kitchen planner.

GD Finishes

GD Finishes is a Gamadecor web app that allows you to discover the varies finishes and series available in the kitchen and bathroom furniture, wardrobe and walk-in closet collections by Gamadecor.

Thanks to this new web app, choosing the perfect finish for Gamadecor’s kitchen and bathroom furniture as well as its range of wardrobes and walk-in closets is now easier and more convenient than ever.

GD Finishes also allows you to search manually for the available finishes simply by entering the kitchen or bathroom furniture, wardrobe or walk-in closet series number in your Internet browser. This fast, practical solution enables users to discover the full range of materials and finishes each model comes in.

It is available as a web app. To open it, click on the icon.

GD Finishes