Efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility

GAMADECOR strives to improve quality levels within the organisation. This is reflected by its fluid management system and a constant increase in the quality of its products and customer services. Its certification to ISO standards and the integration of a workflow information and management system is the first step on the road to establishing quality controls. This workflow system allows the company to:

Measure processes by applying indicators that monitor efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility so as to improve all the latter. Assess the need to introduce changes, establish priorities in the allocation of resources, assess the impact of changes, detect the need for improvements, foresee the need for structural changes or modifications to meet ISO standards etc.

With this quality-control system, the firm’s different management systems (i.e. its quality control, environmental and safety and hygiene management systems) can be integrated in an optimal way. The ACQUA system was introduced by GAMADECOR as a way of managing the company’s internal processes and customer and supplier support. Among other things, the system covers:

Incident files for monitoring customer and supplier incidents.
Warehouse controls.
File tracking.
Reports for customer and suppliers.