Products with full environmental guarantees

In keeping with Gamadecor’s demonstrated commitment to the environment, an Environmental Management System has been introduced by the company and certified as complying with the ISO 14001:2004 international standard. This system ensures the identification of all environmental impacts and aspects of Gamadecor’s activities and improvements to its environmental performance, as well as contributing toward environmental protection and the prevention of pollution, from a balanced perspective that takes into account socioeconomic factors. At the same time, a Chain of Custody control system for wood has been introduced so as to ensure that the raw materials used to manufacture the company’s products are sourced from controlled forests. In this way, Gamadecor can offer products with full environmental guarantees.

PACKAGING. GAMADECOR is a member of Ecoembes, S.A., providing its own logistical support for this Spanish separated-waste collection and treatment specialist, depending on the volume of packaging that is generated. Every three years, with the assistance of the Furniture Technology Institute, it draws up a Waste Packaging Prevention Plan, which is revised annually. This establishes measures aimed at reducing the amount of raw materials that are used to make the company’s packaging, with constant subsequent studies directed at achieving the established goals without affecting the quality of the company’s products.

THE ATMOSPHERE. GAMADECOR uses particle filter systems to avoid atmospheric pollution. With these aspiration filters, all the dust that is produced during the firm’s different manufacturing processes (machining, sanding, cutting etc) is recovered so that it is not expelled into the air. Likewise any sawdust is collected for reuse and it is commercialised via an authorised waste management company. As for greenhouse gas emissions, GAMADECOR modifies its manufacturing processes, adapting them to systems that produce very low VOCs and

applying manufacturing procedures that use UV paint curing systems or paints with a high solid content.

WATER. Given the characteristics of its production system, in compliance with environmental requirements, GAMADECOR monitors the treatment of all water used in its production processes. It also carries out constant tests of the quality of waste water that is expelled, with strict analytical controls of different parameters that might be potentially damaging to the local ecosystem. This monitoring system is supervised by the Júcar Hydrographic Confederation: the body responsible for the supervision and authorisation of such processes.

WASTE. Different types of waste generated during production processes are stored in clearly marked, specially equipped areas for subsequent handling by authorised management companies. GAMADECOR carries out regular studies to minimise waste, collaborating with technological institutes from the sector to introduce initiatives to reduce and minimize waste and establish new goals so that work systems and products can gradually be developed that are less harmful to the ecosystem.