27 December 2018

Kitchens of the future. Trends for 2019

What will kitchens be like in the future? What style, materials and technology will they have? The answer will depend on a combination of all three factors and the balance that is achieved among them. And in 2019, new trends and new developments in kitchens will be seen.

Once clear trend that can be seen year after year is the change in the structure and use given to kitchens, since modern kitchens have become more open plan and interlinked with the living room. In trying to remove barriers, architects and interior designers have discovered a new source of inspiration, seeking to unite living spaces and to make them more fluid and less restrictive: a perfect solution when you don’t want to miss out on what’s going on with everyone else in the home while you’re cooking. Another type of layout is to use islands to create a central area for cooking or even as a table.

In terms of materials, the same ones that have been used in 2018 are expected to continue to be popular in 2019, such as stone, cement colours and, in particular, natural woods, since the latter can bring a modern natural look to kitchens in contrast with cold lifeless futurist designs.

Lastly, mention must be made of the increasing technology that is being integrated in our kitchens: one of the factors to which Gamadecor gives priority, since it makes life so much easier in kitchens.

As you can see, as time goes by, kitchens are also influenced by trends: places where we seek a simple cosy setting in which to cook, without overlooking more innovative factors that make our day-to-day labours there so much easier.

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