19 February 2020

Smart Kitchen by Gamadecor Wins the 2020 IF Design Award

Smart Kitchen by Gamadecor has been awarded the 2020 IF Design Award in the professional concept discipline and sustainability category.

It was singled out for this distinction by a jury of 78 independent experts from the field of design from out of a total of 7,300 entrants from 56 different countries in recognition of the excellence of Smart Kitchen’s design. The IF Design Awards are an internationally renowned design competition and a testimonial to superlative design. The event has been a symbol of outstanding achievements in design for over 67 years and, for Smart Kitchen, the prize is a seal of quality for exceptional design in the sustainability category. 

Smart Kitchen is based on the use of a smart surface, with no intrusive technologies like cameras or barcode readers, so that the kitchen’s design or appearance is not altered in any way. This means that any kitchen can be transformed into a smart one. The surface uses an app. connected to a smartphone or tablet to send live updates of stored food products or even ideas to help with nutrition or health through the design of specific menus.

On this occasion, a team of 78 independent design experts chose the award-winners of the best entries in the IF Design Awards, paying tribute to Smart Kitchen’s superior design from among 7,300 candidates from 56 different countries. 

The award-giving ceremony will be held in Berlin on May 4th 2020 at the emblematic Friedrichstadt-Palast. The winning entries will also be on show at Café Moskau (Berlin) from May 2nd to 10th 2020.

For further information about the award, click here.

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