23 June 2021

A standout designer kitchen.

E6.90 Roble Torrefacto, Xtone Paonazzo Polished

This designer kitchen is full of top quality materials and details that make it a totally functional space. One of the highlights is the sliding countertop with a diagonal opening that is perfect for transforming a working area into a high-top table for get-togethers with family or friends, and contains an interior open storage unit which is also finished in Roble Torrefacto.
In the oven area we also spotted a detail that raises this kitchen to another level: the doors made from
Xtone Paonazzo Polished, featuring a coplanar opening which leaves this area fully illuminated. In this same area of tower units we also find a pull-out storage unit with a huge capacity, finished in Ciensable, which is used throughout the kitchen and ensures the whole room has an integrated look.
The countertop is in the same finish as the oven area,
Xtone Paonazzo Polished, creating a sense of unity throughout the kitchen as well as a beautiful sense of framing thanks to the play of volumes. Another standout feature is that the hob controls are on the front of the countertop itself. On the island of this designer kitchen you can see that the side panels are mitred at the same level which gives greater overall continuity, as do the drawer channels at the middle and top and the baseboard around the whole island.

Villa El Sueño, Jávea PORCELANOSA
Villa El Sueño, Jávea PORCELANOSA
Villa El Sueño, Jávea PORCELANOSA
Villa El Sueño, Jávea PORCELANOSA

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