1 February 2022

Glass-fronted cabinets as decorative features of kitchens.

In addition to providing storage, glass-fronted cabinets also give kitchens a lighter feel and a certain character, dependent on their design. Kitchens have, without a shadow of a doubt, evolved in recent years to become one of the most popular rooms in the home. These areas, which were once just limited to household tasks, are now the focal point of the home for socializing, having fun, conversing and even cooking!  

With this new role, the layout and décor have come to acquire new relevance, with one well-known piece of furniture playing a starring role: glass-fronted cabinets. This kind of cabinet, normally associated with a traditional rustic look, has evolved, and now it comes in a wide variety of styles, from industrial or minimalist designs to Nordic or classic ones. 

Glass-fronted cabinets make it easier to store everyday household objects, keeping them neat and tidy while also displaying the contents–a little like a “shop window” where our kitchenware is put on show. Their glass fronts contrast with the linearity of plain fronted cabinets, and because we can see inside them, they add a  more diaphanous touch to kitchens.  

Thanks to the multiple different alternatives that Gamadecor offers, the makeup of these cabinets can be fully customized by selecting the outer finish of the carcass, the colour of the frame, and the shade of glass (from fully transparent to shades of bronze or grey or our Ultra Grey finish). Thanks to these different options, cabinets with a distinctive personality can be achieved. 

Special mention must be made of the use of light with these cabinets. It is important to remember that, because they are decorative features, the lighting must fulfil a dual function: first, a functional role so that the objects inside the cabinets can be seen and, second, an aesthetic role, by highlighting anything you wish to draw attention to. For this purpose, natural light can be complemented with different systems: LED strips along the profiles, an overhead LED light, side lighting or a LED light bar. 

Glass-fronted cabinets are a magnificent way of achieving kitchens with a harmonious all-round design.  

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