18 March 2022

SmartKitchen. The future is our present

Gamadecor, a company attached to Porcelanosa Grupo, presents the latest new innovation in the SmartKitchen range–a concept all set to revolutionize current notions of a kitchen.  

Kitchens are in a constant state of evolution. Nothing is static and every single day new efforts are made to improve techniques, to amaze diners with new ideas, and to boost the performance of the products and materials that are used. Countertops are a key area of kitchens, where dishes are dreamt up and prepared and finishing touches are added to them. It is also one of their main interconnecting points.

It is in this area of the kitchen–the countertop–that SmartKitchen presents its latest breakthrough: a new solution that is here to stay, facilitating many aspects of day-to-day life.  

SmartKitchen’s totally invisible new inductive cooking plate, equipped with dual technology, is fitted on the underside of the countertop. This ensures a bigger obstacle-free workspace, with just a small embedded touch-sensitive screen to control the different electronic features.

Thanks to an integrated dual system, the countertop can be used as a cooking plate or to power small kitchen appliances wirelessly through proximity with the countertop. The advantages of electrical appliances with inductive technology include their easier use, with no awkward leads; the big increase in their useful life, with no dependence on batteries; and the environmental benefits of doing away with these components.    

As well as all the advantages of cleaning a single seamless surface with enhanced aesthetic appeal and more work space, Smart Kitchen is equipped with the most advanced technology on the market.  

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