13 May 2022

Spring/summer trends in kitchens

The perfect kitchens for enjoying the good weather 

According to experts from the Asociación de Mobiliario de Cocina (the AMC or Kitchen Furniture Association), the main trends in kitchens for the spring and summer of 2022 are open-plan or outdoor kitchens with a minimalist design.

Kitchens have become the perfect place for socializing with friends and family. They have come to acquire far more prominence, gaining in size, luminosity and elegance, and with the arrival of the good weather, meals with relatives or friends will become even more important. Kitchens come to the fore in such circumstances and, in this blog, we will highlight some trends featuring natural materials, soft colours and, above all, a high degree of versatility. 
The first trend is minimalism, characterized by an emphasis on the basic essentials, with pure, clear-cut lines that easily fit in with the rest of the home’s design, such as our HPL materials in a matt finish with anti-fingerprint nanotechnology.  

The second is the concept of an open-plan kitchen–a combined kitchen and lounge or kitchen and dining-room–; an in-vogue idea in 2021 that continues to be a trendsetting choice. If, on top of this, your open-plan kitchen look outwards onto the garden or terrace, it will definitely become a focal point for get-togethers in spring or summer.  

In parallel with this last trend, there is also a greater preference for sustainable furniture and eco-design. This implies the use of top-quality, longer-lasting materials, based on the use of non-pollutant manufacturing processes. According to the AMC’s members, this year, the spring and summer trend in kitchens will still be for natural materials like wood or stone. 

Last but not least, there is a preference for electrical appliances that incorporate cutting-edge technology, with a performance that far surpasses merely fulfilling their function. They must feature the latest innovations in technology to contribute to sustainability, as is the case of our Smart Kitchen. This incorporates a countertop fitted with a dual system so that it can be used as a cooking plate or to power small electrical appliances inductively, hence relinquishing the need for appliances with leads or batteries.  

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