22 June 2022

Gamadecor fits solar panels in its production plant

Gamadecor, a company belonging to PORCELANOSA Grupo, is committed to caring for the environment and to achieving increasingly responsible environmental goals. That is why it set in motion a project for the installation of solar panels, which are now fitted and fully operative.  

This is one of the biggest solar parks built for self-consumption purposes in the Spanish furniture manufacturing sector, further corroborating Gamadecor’s close awareness of everything concerning the environment.  

This initiative covers about 20% of its production plant’s energy demands through the installation of 1467 solar panels on the roof of Gamadecor’s factory, which holds an EKOenergy certificate, guaranteeing that the generated energy is fully solar. This will optimize the reduction of the company’s carbon footprint in addition to complying with sustainability criteria, with an installed capacity of 800kWp and an output of some 1,000,000 kWh a year.

Energy is a valuable resource and it must not be squandered. Given how important it is to save energy and to take advantage of natural resources, PORCELANOSA Grupo is investing and innovating in the improvement of its facilities so that, through them, it can boost its efficiency and sustainability. Gamadecor already cares for the environment in different ways; for instance, by analysing its carbon footprint and reducing the use of solvents; through the  FSC® certificate held by the company, which guarantees that its wood comes from sustainably managed forests; and through its board, made of 72% recycled material. These initiatives have now been extended with the use of solar energy, helping to cut costs and caring for the environment, while also transforming Gamadecor into a model for companies of all kinds to emulate.   

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