22 July 2022

Steps to creating a designer kitchen with Gamadecor

The latest trend in designer kitchens is to extend the space into the living room through the use of neutral colours, cupboards with sliding doors and endless countertops that double up as food preparation spaces or extra tables.  

Kitchens are the new living rooms and the focal point for home life. This new functionality has brought with it more open and dynamic designs where convenience takes priority over other considerations. This is the case of Gamadecor kitchens, whose compositions allow each model to be integrated into the general décor of the home thanks to their straight forms and fine materials, spacious cupboards with sliding doors and neutral tones that make the space even brighter and more beautiful.  

Colourful kitchens in natural materials  

The combination of organic colours and textures is an increasingly frequent feature of designer kitchens. Whilst before the idea was to create minimalist and monochrome spaces, the latest proposals in interior design do just the opposite, blending bright and cheerful colours such as green, blue and red with wood, tall chairs, vintage furniture or extendable white countertops.   

An eclectic decorative mix based on shades of green, warm lights and marble-effect porcelain tiles is just what you will find in the   Buffet Forest E7.90 Roble Puro open model by Gamadecor.

Bright and cheerful kitchens that integrate into the living room  Opening up the kitchen to the rest of the home is an increasingly popular resource in interior design. Ideally, it involves eliminating walls and partitions to combine the kitchen with the living or dining room in a single space. Models such as   E5.70 GrafitoE6.20 Roble Torrefacto or Blanco Glass Emotions by Gamadecor optimise the space and make better use of the light thanks to the white-lacquered drawer units and their endless countertops.  

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