10 August 2022

Bathroom furniture with a splash of colour

The different colours in which bathroom furniture comes influence a bathroom’s design, lending it a particular type of personality and either blending in or contrasting with all the other features. Bathrooms are one of the most private, widely used rooms in the home, and colour is coming to play an increasing role in their design. Colours can be used in a uniform way for all the different features or else different shades can be combined as per the intended outcome. This choice will determine the  style you wish to convey, together with the rest of the home.  

To create a bathroom with a splash of colour, it’s not necessary to overdo it by filling it with eye-catching colours. Generally, a well-planned touch of colour is added to furniture in a natural or classic black and white finish. For example, orange can be used to add small brushstrokes of colour, creating a pleasant, cheerful, vibrant atmosphere. This combination can be found in our Leaf bathroom unit, with accessories in Safrán Mate.

At the same time, with the good weather and a growing desire to create living spaces with a refreshing, harmonious feel, Mediterranean colours tend to be used in interior design. One good example is blue: a restful, elegant colour that is often chosen to generate an aura of calm and tranquillity. This is one of the most commonly used colour spectrums in interior design–for furniture, wall coverings and complementary features–, because when it is contrasted with white or copper, it infuses living spaces with added luminosity.

One alternative also evocative of the Mediterranean is grey. This more neutral colour can be used to create relaxing settings where features in a natural wood finish also fit in to perfection.  

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