5 September 2022

Designer kitchens with porcelain worktops

Our kitchen furniture is renowned for bringing designer elegance to your home, but adding porcelain worktops will guarantee a perfect composition that combines design, functionality and quality. In addition, their outstanding resistance and durability make them the perfect material for use in kitchens.  

Our kitchen furniture is conceived and designed for daily use, and worktops require a number of specific characteristics to keep them looking their best. In recent years, porcelain slabs have emerged as a leading trend in kitchen surfaces, due essentially to their excellent advantages and features:   

  • Hygienic and anti-bacterial: ideal for direct contact with foods. They do not release volatile organic compounds. What’s more, they prevent the spread of fungi and bacteria.  
  • Impermeable: the non-porosity of the sintered compact surface prevents liquids and gases from being absorbed, eliminating the accumulation of odours.  
  • Resistant to fire and high and low temperatures: porcelain slabs are flame and fire proof and can withstand the most extreme temperatures without affecting their appearance and performance. 
  • Scratchproof and impact-resistant: impacts and the use of sharp utensils on the surface will not damage their appearance.  
  • Chemical and stain resistant: they remain unaltered despite the use of domestic chemical products. They are also highly resistant to all types of stains.  
  • 100% natural and recyclable: the reusable elements in their structure allows for their complete regeneration at the end of their lifecycle.  
  • UV-resistant: the sintered compact surface resists ultra-violet rays, preventing any possible fading due to strong lighting.  

Together with the wide range of finishes, these characteristics have made porcelain worktops a must-have element in the design of our kitchen, adding all the beauty and elegance of this material throughout the space. 

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