28 March 2023

Spring trends in kitchen design. How to revamp your kitchen with stylish, functional results

Spring is a time of change and renewal and this also extends to the kitchen. If you’re planning to give your kitchen a facelift, let us tell you some of the latest trends in kitchen design for the coming season.

Open-plan kitchens: The most popular trend is to integrate the kitchen into the rest of the home, creating open multi-functional spaces that can be shared and enjoyed. Open-plan kitchens fit in with all styles and sizes, making optimum use of the natural light and ventilation. They also foster more social contact with friends and family, in addition to offering broader decorative potential. 

Seamless, minimal looks: Another major trend is to simplify the design of the kitchen by opting for seamless surfaces and a minimalist design, giving it an elegant, modern twist. Minimalist kitchens have units without handles, seamless countertops and integrated or concealed electrical appliances.  The aim is to create a neat, clean, spacious kitchen, doing away with any frills or over-ornate features. 

Sustainable kitchens: Spring trends in kitchen design also reflect a growing environmental awareness. More and more people prefer eco-friendly kitchens that contribute to a greater sense of wellbeing. This involves the use of natural or recycled materials, like wood; efficient electrical appliances that save on energy and water; and LED lighting systems.  

Sober colours: As for trends in colours, sober neutral colours are the in thing, conveying a restful, harmonious balance. White still takes pride of place in kitchens, thanks to its luminosity and timeless beauty, but other colours are also coming to the fore, such as grey, ivory or beige. Blue and green are the showiest colours and also the most refreshing choices for this time of year. 

Innovation and design in electrical appliances: Lastly, it’s also important not to overlook the kitchen’s electrical appliances–those indispensable allies that make life in the kitchen so much easier. Today’s electrical appliances are both efficient and smart. They can be controlled by smartphone or tablet, wherever you happen to be. They also come in a variety of modern, integrated designs to suit your chosen style of kitchen.   

These are some of the spring trends in kitchen design that you can opt for if you wish to give your kitchen a stylish, functional facelift.  Don’t forget that the main priority is to create a comfortable, practical kitchen in keeping with your personal tastes.  

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