13 September 2023

Discover our living collection. Contemporary sofas, modular furniture, interior furnishings and designer lighting for your home.

At Gamadecor, our passion for innovation and top quality design drives us to offer outstanding solutions for your home. Our products range from contemporary and comfortable sofas to versatile modular furniture, elegant interior furnishings and designer lamps, all conceived to create refined, elegant and welcoming spaces in your home.  

Quality, contemporary sofas:

Our catalogue of sofas features options that are anything but ordinary.  Names such as  Nap, Fold, Seems, Stripes and our Fluffy and Wings are the essence of comfort, quality and design. Made with the finest materials and top quality finishes, these sofas are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a place to relax in style. Whether you prefer an elegant minimalist sofa or a bolder, more avantgarde design, our sofas are guaranteed to exceed your expectations, transforming your space into a haven of comfort and elegance.


Modular furniture for unique settings:  

Gamadecor also has a selection of modular furniture, a smart solution that offers both functionality and design. These units are conceived to perfectly integrate two different spaces –  such as the kitchen and dining room –  into one. Our wide range of modules, which includes drawers, wall hung units, desks and shelves, allows you to create and personalise the setting that best suits your needs and style. The versatility of our modular furniture will turn the combination of these two spaces into a unique and highly practical experience, guaranteeing a home that is both functional and elegant.     

Quality interior furnishings:  

Gamadecor’s auxiliary furnishings add the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen and dining room. Our chairs, stools and tables feature our hallmark style, combining the natural look with quality and comfort. Each detail is meticulously crafted using the finest materials and top quality finishes. Our auxiliary furnishings will add another focal point to your kitchen thanks to that “extra touch” guarantee to take the design of your space to the next level. Discover how our products can enhance the atmosphere of your home, making it even more special.   

Designer lighting:

Here at Gamadecor, we know that lighting plays an essential role in bringing out the full beauty of your kitchen or bathroom, which is why we offer a collection of designer lamps that will add the perfect finishing touch to your space. Our lamps come in a range of unique forms and styles, each contributing that extra pop of originality and beauty. In addition to providing light, these lamps will update and improve the design of your bathroom or kitchen, providing a touch of exclusivity.    

At Gamadecor, we are committed to delivering first class solutions that will transform your home into an elegant and functional space. From contemporary sofas and modular furniture to interior furnishings and designer lighting, our range of products is all about you and your needs. Discover how Gamadecor can make your home even more special.

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