13 February 2024

Smart Kitchen by Gamadecor: Anticipating the kitchen of the future

Smart Kitchen by Gamadecor not only redefines concepts of a kitchen–it catapults us into the future of kitchen design. This immersive experience combines cutting-edge technology and elegance of design with unparalleled functionality, transforming kitchens into a space where there is no limit to creativity.

The central core of this culinary breakthrough is its innovative concealed cooking plate, equipped with dual technology. This pioneering new system, which is all set to revolutionize cooking, is the first one that can be used both to heat food and to power kitchen appliances wirelessly. Because the induction system is concealed under the worktop, it frees up more available workspace. Furthermore, an elegant, user-friendly touch-sensitive screen is used to control all its functions.

The secret to Smart Kitchen is its pioneering dual technology. This allows the worktop to be used in two different ways:

  • As an inductive cooking plate: By activating this function, the worktop is immediately transformed into a cutting-edge cooking plate where meals can be prepared swiftly and with precision.
  • As a wireless charging station: The worktop can also be used as a base to charge kitchen appliances wirelessly. By avoiding the need for batteries or leads, in addition to caring for the planet, appliances can be used more safely and with greater convenience.

Making cleaning much easier.

Because Smart Kitchen’s worktop is a joint-free single surface, it is easy to clean, without the need for any special cleaning products. Its minimalist design lends kitchens an impeccable visual appeal, while also guaranteeing a bigger, more versatile workspace.

Acknowledging excellence.

Not only has Smart Kitchen by Gamadecor revolutionized the world of kitchens. It has also been recognized for its outstanding design. In 2023, Smart Kitchen was singled out from among 7,300 entries from 56 different countries to receive the prestigious IF Design Award in the product design discipline and kitchen category. This distinction, awarded by a jury of 78 independent experts, is a symbol of the innovation and excellence that characterize Smart Kitchen.

The IF Design Awards are famous worldwide for their recognition of excellence in design, and winning entries over the last 70 years are emblematic examples of outstanding achievements in design. Hence, this distinction is a guarantee of excellence in design; in this case, in kitchen design.

Not just a kitchen, but a lifestyle.

Smart Kitchen by Gamadecor is far more than just a kitchen. It is an immersive experience that invites you to explore new culinary possibilities, to enjoy the comfort and efficiency of cutting-edge technology, and to contribute to a more sustainable future.

With Smart Kitchen, there will be no limits to your culinary creativity.

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