The exceptional versatility of bathroom furniture.

Fully configurable bathroom furnitures that allows for customisation, in depth and height, making it adaptable to any dimension and atmosphere. In addition, they have a great range of units with doors, drawers, mirrors, open shelves, handles and even different basins; thus, becoming an ideal option for achieving a functional bathroom.

Customizable makeups.

No two bathrooms are alike and so, very often, they must be individually designed, taking a unique approach to each one. These bathroom units can be combined to create a wide variety of different makeups to suit each individual setting.

Made to measure.

Just as we need unique designs, we also need special sizes to suit bathrooms of differing types and layouts. These bathroom units can be made to measure to customize settings with total precision.

A variety of complementary items.

These bathroom units can be matched with a wide variety mirrors and vertical units, in addition to bathroom accessories like towel rails, soap dishes, toothbrush holders and draw organizers.

The style of your choice.

Because these units are customizable in size and design, the same base model can be used with totally different end results.

A wide choice of finishes.

Thanks to their wide variety of finishes, from wood and laminate to matt or glossy lacquer finishes, there is something to suit all tastes. This choice of different options also applies to the countertops and washbasins, which come in materials ranging from Gelcoat to Krion, XLight or even natural stone.


Customizable bathroom furnitures. Finishes

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