emotions™, the contemporary kitchen range.

A modern and technically superior kitchen, designed and created to thrill. Its new and carefully planned range of finishes, its surprising solutions, the finest materials, the use of state-of-the-art production machinery and impeccable design are the hallmarks of the excitingly new emotions™ kitchen.

Made in Europe, using top-quality processes.

PORCELANOSA’s kitchens are fully manufactured in Europe in accordance with meticulous quality controls. Top-range cabinet hardware, made by leading European brands, is used in all its products.

Reduced plinths. More storage space and a new design.

The plinths of emotions™ kitchens have a minimum height of 6 cm, thus allowing for the possibility of higher base units and more storage space. Because the plinths are set back from the front of the units, they are concealed, creating the impression of a floating kitchen. The plinths are made of extruded aluminium, a material with a high resistance to rust. They also feature a rubber seal along the bottom to protect them from small spillages of water. The plinths can be removed since they are clipped to the legs of the units, thus making it easy to clean the space underneath.

Increased storage capacity.

emotions™ kitchens module units have slightly increased their dimensions and the interior space has been optimised to considerably increase their storage capacity.

Modules adapt to household appliances.

Oven or refrigerator column modules 100% configurable so a precise integration is achieved with a more refined aesthetics of any appliance because does not require trimming or finishing to cover gaps in standard sizes.

Also, continuing with the minimalist design, a concealed ventilation pedestal has been designed, in order to replace the unattractive ventilation grilles. This pedestal supports the weight of the refrigerator and favours ventilation, increasing its useful life.

Wide range of options for interior equipment.

The emotions™ kitchen collection features a wide range of different organizational and storage solutions. These include functional drawer organizers made of oak or steel to match the rest of the drawer and pull-out fittings to optimize the available space, making it easier to store objects and to reach any utensil or food product at any time.

Water-resistant carcasses.

Made with water-resistant board for durability.

The carcasses of emotions™ kitchen units are made of water resistant E-rated particleboard, with a high resistance, low formaldehyde emissions and thickness of 19 mm to guarantee a higher bending strength. Because they are water resistant, they are more resistant to moisture, providing greater protection and making them less vulnerable to the effects of water over the passage of time.

Carcasses with edges applied with laser technology.

The doors are laseredged with polypropylene edgebanding to ensure a more watertight, long-lasting, almost invisible seam.

More sustainable kitchens.

Gamadecor is committed to environmental care. That is why a Chain of Custody control system for wood has been introduced so as to ensure that the raw materials used to manufacture the company’s products are sourced from controlled forests. In this way, Gamadecor can offer products with full environmental guarantees.

Edgebanding moulding of the board.

Innovative Softforming technology so as to mould the edge of the board into the desired shape. This leads to kitchens with a clear-cut design that was hitherto impossible with such materials.

Hinges with adjustable damping.

Top-range Tiomos hinges by Grass are used for the doors. The hinges are fully metallic and three dimensionally adjustable, with a high resistance to moisture, a simple clip system for mounting or removing the doors and, like the drawers, they incorporate a soft-close system to protect the door from impacts.

This model of hinge also features an easily accessible adjustor mechanism, with three positions, to adjust the strength needed to close the door as required.

Laminate finishes with “synchronised pore” technology.

Fronts faced with an innovative monochrome or wood-effect melamine paper, made using “synchronised pore” technology, where the pores and indentations are synchronised with the underlying decorative layer to ensure highly realistic end results.

Auxiliary furniture that combines with the kitchen.

The unique natural look, quality and comfort of the chair, stool and table designs reflect the true essence of that ‘special something’ that makes all the difference when creating settings. Made using the finest materials and first class finishes with meticulous attention to detail, the Gamadecor auxiliary units are now an essential part of any PORCELANOSA kitchen.

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Specifications | emotions™ kitchens

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