Wide range of finishes and sophisticated handles.

In conjunction, the smooth or textured laminate, high-gloss or nanotechnological HPL, matt or gloss lacquer, and smooth or rustic-look veneer finishes in the emotions™ collection all offer an extensive choice of colours.

Smooth laminate finishes, with elegant finer details.

e1 smooth laminate: fronts faced with monochrome melamine paper, made of uniform-coloured laminated melamine resin. This ensures a discrete seam around the edges, with no black line. Because the doors are laser edged with polypropylene edgebanding, a more watertight, longerlasting, almost invisible seam is achieved. The interiors of the units come in the same choice of finishes.

Realistic textured laminate finishes.

e2 textured laminate: fronts faced with an innovative monochrome or wood-effect melamine paper, made using “synchronised pore” technology, where the pores and indentations are synchronised with the underlying decorative layer to ensure highly realistic end results. Like the e1 laminates, the fronts are laser edgebanded.

Nanotechnological HPL, anticipating the finishes of the future.

e3 Ghost matt nanotechnological HPL: a cutting-edge finish, made with smudgeproof matt nanotechnological HPL able to repel fat and grease. The surface can also be heat-treated to repair any surface scratches, thus conserving its initial appearance for much longer.

High-gloss HPL, a superb imitation of a glossy lacquer finish.

e3 Glass high-gloss HPL: glossy HPL, with tightly stretched paper to minimize any wavy surface effect. Thanks to the use of this technique and laser edgebanding, an almost identical replica of a glossy lacquer finish can be achieved.

Cutting-edge lacquer finishes in a wide spectrum of warm or cool colours.

e4 matt and e5 gloss lacquer: Gamadecor’s lacquer finishes are applied using state-of-the-art machinery and strict controls of different variables so as to ensure a broad colour spectrum.

The edges are slightly rounded to boost their impact resistance and ensure a more perfect seam.

Thanks to the chemical composition of the paints, the matt lacquers have a diamond hard effect so as to avoid surface scratches, while the glossy lacquers are given an additional polish to achieve their 100 GLOSS mirror-like shine.

Wood veneer finishes with a unique personality.

e6 smooth veneer: the emotions™ wood finishes are made of wood strip veneers, specially chosen for their highly attractive, distinctive wood grain pattern.

e7 rustic-look veneer: these finishes are similar to the above, with the addition of one extra process in which any weaker surface wood is removed to highlight the wood grain texture of the hard wood. This leads to an elegant rustic vintage look.

XLight, state-of-the-art ceramics.

Fronts made of a sophisticated aluminium profile with Xlight ceramic foil, high performance coatings that achieve a lasting result, while transmitting a cutting-edge design.

A wide choice of superior-looking handles.

emotions™ collection offers a wide variety of options for handles, both front handles and integrated handles, adaptable to all tastes and needs, giving the kitchen a more modern and minimalist look.

The laminated door fronts’ integrated handles are made using innovative Softforming technology so as to mould the edge of the board into the desired shape. This leads to kitchens with a clear-cut design that was hitherto impossible with such materials.


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