emotions™, the contemporary kitchen range.

A modern and technically superior kitchen, designed and created to thrill. Its new and carefully planned range of finishes, its surprising solutions, the finest materials, the use of state-of-the-art production machinery and impeccable design are the hallmarks of the excitingly new emotions™ kitchen.


Xtone Liem Grey Nature · E7.70 Roble Polvo

This kitchen unites two contrasting materials–Xtone Liem Grey Nature and Roble Polvo–to perfect effect. In addition to the high storage capacity of its bottom [...]

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E9.30 Premium

XLight Liem Dark Silk · E7.90 Roble Cuero · Premium

It is this kitchen’s materials that make it such an exclusive choice, such as the XLight Lie Dark Silk large-format porcelain tiles by Urbatek or the Roble Cuero [...]

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XLight Liem Black Silk · E7.30 Roble Polvo · E5.30 Pizarra Brillo

Our kitchen is another superlative option, with the emphasis on quality materials and an innovative functional design [...]

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E9.30 · E7.90

Xtone Stuc Ice · Roble Alba

This Emotions kitchen stands out for its finishes. It combines Xstone Stuc Ice, a high-performance compact mineral material able to meet the most discerning of needs [...]

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E9.30 · E7.30

Xtone Liem Black Nature · Roble Noche

Dark kitchens are all the rage nowadays. This kitchen is a perfect example, with a countertop and units clad in Xtone Liem Black Nature combined with Roble Noche brushed [...]

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Buffet Forest E7.90 · E5.90

Roble Puro · Orégano brillo

The star feature of this setting is Forest, a concealed kitchen system for hiding away the kitchen as required. The doors are made of Roble Puro wood veneer, just like [...]

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E7.90 · E5.00

Roble Puro · Pérgamon Brillo

This Emotions kitchen is synonymous with chic elegance. It stands out for its superior materials, with Roble Puro brushed wood veneer, glossy Pérgamon lacquer and a big Super [...]

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E7.90 · E4.90

Roble Polvo · Limo mate

This Emotions kitchen stands out for its mix of contrasting materials, with Limo matt lacquer, Roble Polvo brushed wood veneer, and an Xtone Liem Grey Nature countertop [...]

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Roble Puro · Roble Noche

The main feature of this kitchen is its huge island by Altissima in a Via Láctea finish, with lots of storage space and room for keeping everything organized [...]

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Roble Negro

Son design se base sur des matériaux et des finitions exclusifs, sans renoncer à la praticité et la fonctionnalité qu’exige la grande cuisine. La plaque de cuisson [...]

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E6.70 · E5.70

Nogal Seda · Bottle Brillo

This Emotions kitchen comes in two contrasting finishes that can be combined to perfect effect: a Nogal Seda wood veneer finish and our Bottle Brillo lacquer finish, presented [...]

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Roble Noche, Roble Sil

This L-shaped Emotions kitchen comes in a Roble Noche and Roble Sil wood veneer finish with an Arabescato Orobico marble countertop, a mix that ensures stylish elegance [...]

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Roble Torrefacto

This is a premium kitchen in a Roble Torrefacto finish. It includes a Krion countertop whose bevel edge surrounds the whole kitchen island and an area with concealed doors [...]

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E6 · E4.90

Roble Alba · Blanco Snow Mate

This is a kitchen conspicuous for its innovative design. It features a big sink and a matching countertop, both made of XLight, and the VES storage system, so that everything [...]

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Silice Mate · Roble Bronce

This kitchen stands out for its island, with an integrated kitchen bar in a Roble Bronce finish so that this area of the house can also be used for socializing. Substantial storage space [...]

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Limo Mate · Roble Puro · Cristal transparente

This is a chic-looking classic kitchen, combining Limo Mate matt lacquer and Roble Puro oak finishes with an immaculate Krion countertop. Its kitchen island and backsplash [...]

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Blanco Glass · Blanco emotions mate · Cristal transparente

This kitchen is a perfect example of how white can be used with wood colours to bring a blend of stylish elegance and minimalist simplicity to rooms. Two different shades [...]

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Sugi Black

Today’s living spaces are designed to meet users’ varying needs at different points in time, just like the Emotions E2.65 Sugi Black kitchen in a Sugi Black textured laminate finish [...]

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