Designed for more exacting kitchen design projects.

The Residence kitchen collection by PORCELANOSA is conceived for more exacting kitchen design projects, requiring high-performance features. It is made of board from sustainably harvested forests, with first-class cabinet hardware by leading European brands. The collection is fully manufactured in Spain.

Made in Europe, using top-quality processes.

PORCELANOSA’s kitchens are fully manufactured in Europe in accordance with meticulous quality controls. Top-range cabinet hardware, made by leading European brands, is used in all its products.

Reduced plinths. More storage space and a new design.

The plinths of Residence kitchens have a minimum height of 10 cm, thus allowing for the possibility of higher base units and more storage space. Because the plinths are set back from the front of the units, they are concealed, creating the impression of a floating kitchen. The plinths are made of extruded aluminium, a material with a high resistance to rust. They also feature a rubber seal along the bottom to protect them from small spillages of water. The plinths can be removed since they are clipped to the legs of the units, thus making it easy to clean the space underneath.

Increased storage capacity.

Residence Kitchens module units have slightly increased their dimensions and the interior space has been optimised to considerably increase their storage capacity.

Modules adapt to household appliances.

Oven or refrigerator column modules 100% configurable so a precise integration is achieved with a more refined aesthetics of any appliance because does not require trimming or finishing to cover gaps in standard sizes.

Also, continuing with the minimalist design, a concealed ventilation pedestal has been designed, in order to replace the unattractive ventilation grilles. This pedestal supports the weight of the refrigerator and favours ventilation, increasing its useful life.

Organizers and inner storage solutions to suit all tastes.

The Residence kitchen collection features a wide range of organizational and storage alternatives, including drawer and deep drawer organizers, so as to make optimum use of the available space and make it easier to arrange and reach the utensils or food products at any time.

Water-resistant carcasses.

Made with water-resistant board for durability.

The carcasses of Residence kitchen units are made of water resistant, high resistance, 16 mm thick particleboard board with a CARB-2 formaldehyde emission rating and FSC® certified, which guarantees the responsible use of wood. Because they are water resistant, they are more resistant to moisture, which provides greater protection and makes them less vulnerable to the effects of water with the passage of the years.

Furthermore, the edges are covered in watertight ABS edgebanding, bonded to the board with PUR adhesive, which has a high resistance to impacts and ability to withstand temperatures of up to 150°C.

More sustainable kitchens, using board with the FSC® label.

GAMADECOR is committed to environmental care. That is why all its kitchen units are made of board with the FSC® forest stewardship label. This guarantees that the wood is harvested from responsibly managed forests in accordance with sustainable tree-felling criteria.

Top-quality cabinet hardware by leading european brands.

Residence kitchens feature the latest models in cabinet hardware by leading European brands. This leads to kitchens with cuttingedge mechanisms, made of top-quality materials, with the guarantee of manufacturers that have been innovating for decades and improving the resistance and performance of these systems.

More convenient drawers.

The drawers and deep drawers are made using the latest Nova Pro Scala model by Grass, which features aluminium sides, dark grey finish, and full-extension soft-close drawer runners. This protects the unit from impacts if the drawers slam shut, preventing the unit from breaking before it reaches the end of its useful life. The drawers can also withstand weights of up to 80 kg and they have passed the most demanding tests, with openclose cycles that surpass the 60 000 cycles required in the corresponding standard.

Highly robust hinges.

Top-range Silentia 700 hinges by Salice are used for the doors. These are fully metallic and three dimensionally adjustable, with a high resistance to moisture, a simple clip system for mounting or removing the doors and, like the drawers, they incorporate a soft-close system to protect the doors from impacts and thus extend the kitchen’s useful life.

Sophisticated shelf supports.

The highly resistant inner shelf supports feature an anti-tip mechanism, thus avoiding accidents if the shelf tips over and the objects fall off. The shelf supports are transparent, which helps to conceal them, and they are easy to remove if the shelves need adjusting to the required height in the side holes.

More resistant wall hangers.

The wall units are hung from the wall using two TRASER 6 hangers by Indaux. These are fully metallic and can each withstand a weight of up to 65 kg (130 kg per unit). These fittings are concealed behind the back of the unit and they distribute the weight evenly between the top and sides to give it greater stability. They can be regulated from inside the unit to make it easier to position.

Auxiliary furniture that combines with the kitchen

The unique natural look, quality and comfort of the chair, stool and table designs reflect the true essence of that ‘special something’ that makes all the difference when creating settings. Made using the finest materials and first class finishes with meticulous attention to detail, the Gamadecor auxiliary units are now an essential part of any PORCELANOSA kitchen.

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