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Gamadecor kitchens: modern and minimalist.

Gamadecor presents its streamlined, straight line kitchens featuring minimalist designs with an extensive range of available finishes, making them the ideal choice for any setting. Laminate finishes to meet the needs of each customer. Check out the new colours, shapes and textures now.


Eucalyptus Gray · Cement Mate

This kitchen stands out for its innovative design, with a charming contrast between its Eucalyptus Gray and Cement Mate laminate finishes and Xtone Nylo Black [...]

Discover the R1.40 kitchen >


Etimoe Ice

This is a Residence kitchen in an Etimoe Ice finish, with an Xtone Mater White Texture countertop. The two materials have been combined to stylish effect, as illustrated [...]

Discover the R1.40 kitchen >


Etimoe Ice · R3.90 Gris Hook Mate

This is a chic-looking kitchen, thanks to its mix of materials and highly functional design. Its two Etimoe Ice and Gris Hook Mate finishes have been combined with a Krion [...]

Discover the R1.70 kitchen >


Marea Mate · R1.70 Etimoe Land

This kitchen and island come in a combination of two finishes, Marea Mate and Etimoe Land, to fit in with the Krion Light Grey countertop. It features a system of concealed doors [...]

Discover the R3.60 kitchen >


Blanco Snow · R1.70 Etimoe Ice

This Nordic-style kitchen comes in a white Blanco Snow finish and a wood Etimoe Ice finish, combined with a Krion Blanco Snow countertop. Its prime feature is the small island [...]

Discover the R3.70 kitchen >

R3.70 - R3.10

Wind Mate · Eucalyptus Smutty

This is a two-tone kitchen in a Wind Mate and Eucalyptus Smutty finish, combined with Krion Granite Natural. The end result is a truly elegant kitchen, conspicuous for the [...]

Discover the R3.70 - R3.10 kitchen >


Topo Mate · Etimoe Night

This is a kitchen with a strikingly innovative design, combining Topo Mate and Etimoe Night finishes with a Krion Blanco Snow countertop. Its most outstanding feature is the table [...]

Discover the R3.90 kitchen >


Cement Brillo · R1.60 Eucalyptus Smutty

This elegant kitchen comes in a combination of a Cement Brillo and Eucalyptus Smutty laminate finish, matched with a natural-look Granito Cheyenne countertop. The kitchen stands [...]

Discover the R4.60 kitchen >


Blanco Sal

If Gamadecor is known for one thing in particular, it is for the quality of its kitchens in addition to their design appeal, as is the case of the R4.70 Blanco Sal model [...]

Discover the R4.70 kitchen >