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Superior modern couches.

At Gamadecor, we continue to innovate, expanding our range so as to offer the very best in design for the home. One good example is the latest new addition to our products: a selection of top-quality modern couches, conceived to add a touch of chic sophistication to living rooms. Our couches’ comfort, quality and design appeal, what could be better for adding a select cosy touch to homes!.

Dismountable frame.

The different components are sent unassembled so that: the couch takes up less room during transportation; possible damage is aavoided during transportation; less plastic and packaging material are needed.

Comfortable non-deformable seating.

The sofa modular couch’s seats are made of layers of foam rubber of varying hardnesses, guaranteeing superior comfort and non-deformable cushions that regain their shape. Even after heavy use, the cushions remain unaltered, just like the first day.


In the same composition, the elements of the sofa can be made symmetrical (the arm can be placed to the left and the fifist to the right or just the other way around, arm to the right and pouf to the left). One seat can also be oriented to one side and the other to the opposite.

Removable coverre.

The base, seat and back cushions are all held in place with velcro. They can easily be removed and their coverre taken off. The coverre of the back cushions and decorative cushions have a zip-fastener to remove them.


Sofa’s seats feature an exclusive suspension system connected to the seat cushions (as opposed to the base, like most couches). This makes the seating long-lasting and extremely comfortable, with cushions that recover their shape. The high-performance, top-quality NEA elastic webbing that is used guarantees lifelong seat suspension.

Screw-free fastening system.

The different components are fastened to one another with an ingenious system that requires no screws or other tools.


Living Collecions

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