Effectiveness, efficiency and flexibility.

Gamadecor is committed to the ongoing implementation of quality within the organisation. The results of its efforts are effective management and constant improvements to the quality of the products and services it offers customers. ISO standards certification and the integration of a workflow-based information and management system is the first step in establishing quality controls. This workflow system allows for the following:

Assessment of processes based on effectiveness, efficiency and flexibility indicators that allow for improvements to be made; evaluation of the need for changes; establishment of priorities when assigning resources; measurement of the impact of changes; detection of areas for improvement; forecast for structural changes or modifications to ISO standard certifications, etc.

This quality control system also allows for the optimal integration of the various management systems (quality, environment and health and safety). The ACQUA system implemented at Gamadecor provides management solutions both internally as well as supporting our customers and suppliers. Key actions include the following:

Record-based customer and supplier incident management.
Warehouse controls.
Recording of workflow monitoring.
Reports for customers and suppliers.

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