Superior modern couches.

At Gamadecor, we continue to innovate, expanding our range so as to offer the very best in design for the home. One good example is the latest new addition to our products: a selection of top-quality modern couches, conceived to add a touch of chic sophistication to living rooms.

Our couches’ comfort, quality and design appeal, what could be better for adding a select cosy touch to homes!.

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Modular furniture.

To facilitate the creation of open-plan rooms that unite different living spaces, we have developed a range of modular furniture to match our kitchens. These items of furniture can be used to create one-of-a-kind settings, where everything links in, joining two different areas–the kitchen and dining room–into one. This modular range features a wide variety of different items (from drawer and wall units to desks and shelving) in differing finishes to help you create settings in keeping with your personal style and needs.

Indoor furniture: seats, chairs, stools and tables.

Gamadecor’s auxiliary furniture is the ‘quintessence’ that lends a whole new dimension to the Gamadecor kitchen. The unique natural look, quality and comfort of the chair, stool and table designs reflect the true essence of that ‘special something’ that makes all the difference when creating settings.

Made using the finest materials and first class finishes with meticulous attention to detail, the Gamadecor auxiliary units are now an essential part of any Gamadecor kitchen.

Interior lighting: lamps.

With the objective of answering the call of an integral design in the kitchen and the bathroom, Gamadecor has its interior lighting collection. A series of designer lamps, without any doubt, are the perfect way to light up a contemporary and stylish kitchen or bathroom.

With regard to design quality in kitchen furniture and bathroom furniture, Gamadecor adds to its catalogue of products this collection of lamps, all of them with different looks, aspects and shapes. Each one of them contributes an extra dosage of both originality and beauty, capable of modernising kitchen or bathroom design, making it even more exclusive again if possible.


Living Collecions

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