100% environmentally-friendly products.

In line with Gamadecor’s ongoing environmental awareness, the company has implemented and certified the Environmental Management System based on ISO 14001:2004 international standards. This system allows for the detection and improvement of all environmental issues and impacts caused by Gamadecor’s activities, as well as actively encouraging environmental protection and pollution prevention, from a socio-economic perspective. In addition, a wood Chain of Custody Control system has been set up to ensure that the raw materials used to manufacture our products are sourced from sustainable forests, thereby enabling Gamadecor to provide 100% environmentally-friendly products.

PACKAGING. Gamadecor is a member of Ecoembes S.A., an integrated management system for eco-packaging, providing support for one of Spain’s selective packaging collection companies based on the amount of packaging materials generated. In addition, it has also implemented a three-yearly Business Plan for the Prevention of Packaging Waste. Reviewed annually, this plan has been set up with the collaboration of AIDIMA, the Furniture, Wood and Packaging Technology Institute, and includes measures to reduce the amount of raw materials used in packaging production. This also involves ongoing redesign studies in order to meet the objectives set without impacting negatively on product quality.

ATMOSPHERE. Gamadecor has installed particle aspirating systems featuring filter systems designed to prevent air pollution. Based on a process of separative aspiration, the system recovers all the dust produced during the various processes (machining, sanding, cutting, etc.). This prevents the dust from entering the atmosphere and recovers the raw wood sawdust, which is then sold through an authorised waste agent.

As for greenhouse gas emissions, Gamadecor has modified its manufacturing processes, adapting them to very low VOC emission systems and introducing production systems based on ultraviolet curing or high solid content paint.

WATER. In accordance with environmental regulations and due to the nature of its production systems, Gamadecor treats all the water used in its production processes and carries out constant checks on the quality of the wastewater based on exhaustive analyses using the various parameters that may harm the local ecosystem. All these monitoring processes are conducted under the supervision of the Júcar Hydrographic Confederation, the authority responsible for controlling and authorising these processes.

WASTE. The various types of waste generated during the production processes are stored in areas that are clearly indicated and prepared for their later management by authorised agents. Gamadecor regularly carries out Waste Minimisation studies in collaboration with the sector’s technology institutes in order to implement reduction and minimisation measures as well as set new objectives. Although they will not eliminate waste completely, they will however gradually evolve towards work systems and products that impact less on the ecosystem.

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