emotions: modularity, design, and elegance.

Straight lines and the large capacity of the different storage sectors define the concept of this industrially inspired dressing room in which functionality plays an important role.

Doors and vertical panels have been removed, thereby giving a powerful sensation of visual lightness, transforming this Gamadecor wardrobe into an elegant piece of furniture. Simplifying the decoration makes the dressing rooms collection look in order and organized.

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Fusion. The sense of sheer satisfaction of a well-organised wardrobe.

Gamadecor has managed to make order into an art form, with wardrobes which, in addition to their mere practical functions, have become true decorative elements in themselves, perfectly capturing the atmospheres of both traditional and modern styles.

Made from materials of excellent quality to achieve results with an impeccable aesthetic which are also hard wearing, the wardrobes by Gamadecor offer design options which adapt to the needs and dimensions of residential projects and projects in large hotel chains.

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Gamadecor wardrobes and walk-in closets.

The sense of sheer satisfaction of a well-organised wardrobe can only be achieved with Gamadecor’s range of wardrobes and walk-in closets. Modular units, designs and elegance affording optimum adaptability to create exclusive and functional settings.

Gamadecor’s range of wardrobes provide solutions that make the most of the available space for optimum storage. Every garment and accessory has its place in the wardrobes by Gamadecor.

Tidiness becomes an art form thanks to Gamadecor’s range of wardrobe and walk-in closet designs, all offering its hallmark quality. Gamadecor’s wardrobes and walk-in closets feature structures that adapt to any bespoke project made from first class materials, all designed to exceed the expectations of even the most demanding users.